Who we are: Mo Strander is a leading agricultural development company, which is transforming the landscape of agriculture in Africa, we  are the current heavy-weight champions of radical agricultural participation, economic empowerment and transformation of farmer’s livelihoods.


Our method: We have adopted a master plan to help governments, private businesses, NGOs and individuals to find enterprise and investment funds for their dream projects. We synergy nations and corporations to pool together dedicated funding for those who walk with us.


Our calling: We are calling you, the very same way that we were called to Africa that you must follow us. We are saying Follow our Foot-Prints into Africa.


Simply: Follow our Foot-Prints into Africa

Simply: Follow our Foot-Prints into Africa


What people know us for:  Africa and the global community know us to be the funding partner of our generation. They have code named us the money solver. Others call us the bank without bricks walls.


Our response:  We tell the nations that we are not a bank. But we bring banking benefits to enterprise by connecting entities to those who are holding the keys to financial and banking services, including those who control a larger share of the global wealth and yet they may not recognise themselves as Money Solvers Too.


SIMPLY:  “Follow our Foot-Prints into Africa.”